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Expert Q & A: Your Questions Answered

Kelley Butler

Jul 1, 2024

Kelley answers common questions about the new services, their benefits, and what clients can expect during their sessions.

Question 1: What exactly is the Biocharger and how does it benefit me?

Answer: The Biocharger is a revolutionary device that uses a combination of light, voltage, frequencies & harmonics and PEMF to revitalize and energize your body at the cellular level. The Biocharger is providing your body the environment to do what it’s made to do…HEAL ITSELF. The Biocharger  can enhance physical energy, improve mental clarity, improve sleep, and speed up recovery from physical exertion and so much more. Regular sessions can significantly impact overall well-being and vitality. There are 1500 recipes to choose from! …hair loss…inflammation…lymph cleanse…skin health…abundance are just a few recipes on the list.

Question 2: How long is a Biocharger session?

Answer: 15-20 minutes

Question 3: What do I do during a Biocharging session?

Answer: You just sit and relax. You can meditate. You can be on your phone but we don’t recommend it. We prefer to just sit quietly and feel the energy run through your body. Yes, you can feel it! We think it’s pretty incredible. 

Question 4: Can the Vitality Booth help with specific skin conditions?

Answer: Absolutely! The Vitality Booth combines halotherapy and red light therapy to provide multiple benefits. The salt air can improve respiratory health, which indirectly benefits the skin by increasing oxygenation. Red light and infra-red therapy directly aids skin health by reducing inflammation, promoting collagen production, and soothing conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Question 5: How long is a Vitality Booth Session?

Answer: 15-30 minutes

Question 6: Are there any side effects associated with these treatments?

Answer: Both the Biocharger and Vitality Booth are designed to be non-invasive and safe for most users. Most people feel great after using either! However, as with any treatment, individual experiences can vary. Some people might feel a burst of energy immediately, while others may notice a more gradual improvement. We recommend a personalized consultation to discuss any specific concerns or medical conditions.

Question 7: How often should I use these services to see results?

Answer: For the Biocharger, we typically encourage 5 days a week initially. Depending on the desired outcome, you can adjust frequency accordingly. For the VitalityBooth, one to three times a week can significantly benefit those looking to address respiratory or skin issues. Our expert staff can tailor a schedule that fits your health and wellness goals.

Question 8: What makes these treatments different from other energy or light therapies?

Answer: What sets the Biocharger and Vitality Booth apart is their holistic approach to health. The Biocharger's unique combination of 4 energies is designed to optimize natural body functions, while the Vitality Booth's blend of halotherapy and red light & infra red light therapy offers a dual-action solution that is not commonly found in other treatments.

Question 9: Can I combine treatments from the Biocharger and the VitalityBooth for enhanced effects?

Answer: Yes, combining these treatments can be beneficial for maximizing the health benefits. Many of our clients enjoy a session in the Biocharger followed by the VitalityBooth to leverage the energy boost and deep relaxation effects. We suggest a personalized consultation to create an optimal treatment plan based on your needs.

Question 10: How can I try the Biocharger or the Vitality Booth Plus?

Answer: You may walk in or make an appointment for either service. We offer $20/sessions for the Biocharger and $30/sessions for the Vitality Booth Plus. Unlimited membership packages will be available soon! Also see our July Newsletter for July promotions for these two new incredible modalities offered at Bespoke.

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