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Kelley's Korner: July 2024

Kelley Butler

Jul 1, 2024

This year has been particularly meaningful as I deepen my journey into energy work, a practice that has profoundly influenced both my personal and professional life over the past seven years.

The year is speeding by so fast. How is it possibly the 4th of July already? This is one of my favorite holidays and weeks of the year!  I go back to my roots and spend the holiday with friends and family in the midwest. A Michigan 4th of July on the lake, wearing red, white and blue, barbequing, playing lawn games with family warms my heart so much. Getting some relief from the Arizona heat is a plus! 

We will be closed for a few days this week (July 3-7) but will reopen on July 8th. The Bespoke team is ready for a  break as we have been tirelessly working on the expansion which seems like years! We are getting very close and excited to finally launch some really awesome and effective anti-aging mind and body modalities and treatments. 

I have been on this personal  journey of consciousness and delving into energy work for over 7 years and it has changed my life. This journey is an ongoing exploration, seeking to understand and expand the nature of awareness and existence. This path integrates scientific inquiry, philosophical reflection, and spiritual awareness. Through my education and practices, I firmly believe every single thing is energy and we have the power to heal our mind and body through our thoughts and energy practices ( i.e. grounding, meditation, light, sound, voltage etc.) Nature actually has everything we need to heal ourselves but it is not as powerful as it used to be due to several factors: environmental changes, lifestyle factors, and spiritual & cultural shifts.

While the natural energies of the universe remain constant, it is this modern lifestyle and environment that affects our ability to perceive and benefit from them. I believe by making conscious efforts to reconnect with nature, reduce technological impact, and practice mindfulness and meditation, we can enhance our connection to the natural energies of the universe that support our longevity, well-being and youthfulness. 

 I will never give up injectables or my passion as a nurse injector.  I love what I do and I believe there are additional anti-aging modalities we can offer our clients to further enhance healthy and youthful outcomes. Injectables will always have a place in our anti-aging tool belt but we have begun to incorporate more natural yet effective modalities for not only skin health, but mind and body too. I am extremely passionate about this new journey and am excited to share it with all of you.

Memberships and packages will be launched in August for the NEW Biocharger (light/color, frequency & harmonics, voltage & PEMF working synergistically to enhance all of our body systems restoring youthful vibrance from the inside out), the NEW Vitality Booth + (halotherapy & red light therapy combined), and our NEW Morphus Loungers which is an immersive multi sensory experience to optimize the mind, body and spirit. It’s like being wrapped in a giant hug from the universe!

Until then, come by our new “campfire” community room to biocharge anytime! It only takes 15 minutes. I have never felt mentally or physically better since I started biocharging a few weeks ago! A few of my favorite recipes include: Skin Health, Purify & Recover, Runner’s Edge, Inflammation Support, Clearhead, Lymph Cleanse, Abundance and Golden Ratio!

We have 1500 recipes to choose from so we are able to tailor your session specifically to you:) After all, we are Bespoke!

See you all soon! Have a fun and safe 4th of July holiday!

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