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40 hours


About the Course

Already know you want to pursue aesthetic medicine and have a passion and drive to succeed? This course was designed for you! Truly, if we could look back at our careers and make one choice to impact our lives for the better it would be to bottle up that knowledge we have gained and impart it on our younger selves. This course succeeds in doing just that - it is an intense 40 hours of instruction learning aesthetic medicine basics and intermediate to advanced skills. The precision and technique mastery can and will come with time, but this course will set you on the path to success in your journey in aesthetic medicine and its applications. Didactic, live demonstrations, hands-on clinical experience and shadowing are all part of this in-depth program as well as training on all modalities (dermal fillers, neuromodulators, and biostimulators) and their respective product lines. Certificate of Completion will be provided after a successul display of understanding and technique on three participants. Please note that Bespoke U cannot provide trainning participants, but a special 'training discount' is offered for your participant(s) of choice. Bring up to five friends (one training service per participant) and demonstrate your precision and skill.

Your Instructor

Kelley Butler, RN, BSN, the visionary and founder of Bespoke Beauty has devoted herself to mastering the art of delivering natural-looking, safe, and effective anti-aging treatments. Her journey includes rigorous post-graduate research in the field of aesthetics as well continuously refining her expertise with esteemed injectors such as Julie Horn, Arthur Swift, and Mauricio de Maio, among others, allowing her to bring the most cutting-edge technology and techniques to her clients and students.

Kelley Butler

Kelley Butler

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